The visual basic code for the above graphic tabled results is written using visual basic 2019 community version. The vb code runs on both “windows 7” and “windows 10”.

I have written the program to work with band frequencies from 136KHz up to 5GHz, the tested range to see if the results produced weird numbers.

Perhaps may have noticed that a 50ohm dipole is some 7dB down from a full wave long wire, that is because a 50ohm dipole is 2/5th efficient.

In previous articles on the attached blog, I have suggested a cross dipole design use. One radio ham used a cross dipole and found as he put it, “ I’m getting out like I never did before”, the ham from South America, I heard on I believe the 20m band. The 50ohm cross dipole has a 1.5dB gain figure, a 9dB difference from his original straight 50ohm dipole used before, relative to a full wave signal electromagnetic antenna coupling to the etha.

Have fun folks!